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Unicorn Stuff - Gifts for Everyone!

Unicorn Stuff | Unicorn Gifts

Are you searching for Unicorn Stuff today? Our collection of magical unicorn gifts is the perfect place to find something truly unique for any unicorn fan.

We have a complete range of cheap unicorn stuff available including unicorn plush toys, unicorn onesies, unicorn kids wear, unicorn clothing, unicorn home products, unicorn phone cases, unicorn shoes (designed by our expert team of in-house designers and not available anywhere else but here), unicorn jewellery, unicorn accessories and unicorn fun & games.  

In this article we will share with you the best unicorn stuff from each of our collections, so sit back and relax while you find the perfect unicorn gift for yourself or a loved one.

Unicorn Stuff - Plush Toys

Everybody loves unicorn plush toys, and with good reason - they're super cute, cuddly, make great toys for kids to play with and you can even use them as a pillow at nap time

We have an amazing selection of Unicorn Plush Toys which you can view here.  Here are some of the hottest products which are trending in store right now:

Walking Unicorn Plush Toy

If you are looking for unicorn stuff for a loved one or friend, then what could be better than a walking, singing unicorn plush toy?  She is very easy to walk, all you need to do is simply press the button on the leash.

Available in a selection of colors (pink, purple, blue, white or red) which means you can be sure to find the perfect style for you. 


Cuddly Unicorn Plush Toy

    This unicorn plush is so soft and fluffy that you just won't be able to stop cuddling it.  Available with pink or blue hooves and ears, beautiful soft fur, a bushy unicorn tail and magical unicorn horn.

    You can choose a 16" or 24" size or better yet get one of each so they can play together.

    Giant Unicorn Plush

      At almost 3 feet in length, this giant unicorn plush makes the perfect accessory for the unicorn lover’s home.  It can be used as a unicorn toy, pillow or decorative piece in your bedroom or home.


      Unicorn Stuff - Kids Wear

      We offer unicorn stuff for kids and adults alike.  This year we have seen girl’s unicorn dresses trending as the hottest product for kids.  Here are some of our favourites:

      Unicorn Party Dress with Headband

        This stunning unicorn party dress comes complete with a headband to complete the look.  Perfect for a unicorn themed party or event, it comes in pink, red or green.


        Girls Unicorn Butterfly Dress (with optional headband)

          Currently on sale for only $14.99, this unicorn butterfly dress has been selling like hotcakes!  The beautiful floral unicorn design is complemented by pink butterflies.  For only $2 more you can get it with a golden unicorn headband which is sure to delight your little unicorns lover. 


          My Little Girls Rainbow Princess Party Dress 

            Our rainbow princess party dress can be worn by your little princess for special occasions, for casual wear or to a party.

            It can be worn in summer, spring or fall with a shirt, blouse, coat or pullover.  It's handmade from durable materials to the finest quality so it will last for years to come.


            Unicorn Stuff - Clothing

            Colorful Unicorn Ankle Socks

              If you would like to add some color to your sock game then these unicorn socks are perfect for you.  Our ankle socks are designed to be super stretchy so that they are ultra comfortable to wear.  Wear your unicorn passion with pride and buy these socks today!



              Dabbing Unicorn Backpack

                Our dabbing unicorn backpack is ideal for school, college, a day trip or everyday use.  It features a quality canvas exterior, large laptop slot pocket and durable internal lining.

                Store your smaller items in the interior or front zip pockets for easy access and peace of mind that you won't misplace them.  The unicorn backpack has a 20 to 35 litre capacity and adjustable shoulder straps.


                Unicorn LED Hat, Scarf & Gloves

                  Stand out from the crowd in this stunning hooded LED unicorn hat with scarf and gloves.  The lights change color and are simply activated by pressing a button which is hidden in the right pocket.  If you are looking for a unique unicorn gift for Christmas, Halloween or a special occasion then look no further!


                  Unicorn Stuff for Home 

                  Colorful 3 Piece Unicorn Bedding Set

                    This beautiful 3 piece unicorn bedding set is hand sewn and meticulously crafted from 100% brushed microfiber, making them hypoallergenic, resistant to dust mites and more durable than cotton bedding.

                    Features include a colorful unicorn design set against a dark background and soft reverse side to guarantee you a great night's sleep when wrapped in these blankets.



                    Unicorn Sequin Pillow Case

                      No unicorn lovers home would be complete without this stunning unicorn sequin pillow case.  Available in either white/ pastel or rainbow colors and you can create elaborate patterns by running your hands over the sequin to reveal the underlying silver. 


                      Unicorn LED String Lights

                        A touch of imagination and fantasy goes a long way and these enchanting unicorn fairy lights add an instant magical ambiance wherever they're strung!

                        Lit by warm LEDs for a gentle, soft glow, these adorable unicorn lights can offer comfort and reassurance to younger kids or add a captivating glow to older kid’s space.

                        Battery operated, place these adorable lights anywhere in your home for a magical glow and a warm atmosphere.


                        Unicorn Stuff - Phone Cases

                        3D Glitter Unicorn iPhone Case

                          Transform your iPhone into a Unicorn with this 3D glitter unicorn phone case. It securely grips and protects your phone and features an adorable 3D unicorn (with glitter) on the back.


                          Pastel Unicorn Phone Case

                            Our pastel Unicorn iPhone case is one of our bestsellers and not only does it look great but it also protects your phone from scratches and bumps too.


                            Unicorn Princess Phone Case

                              This soft and flexible unicorn princess phone case is made from silicone which grips your phone perfectly and features a super cute 3D unicorn on the back.


                              Unicorn Stuff - Shoes

                              Unicorn Sneakers

                                These gorgeous unicorn sneakers were designed by our in-house team of designers and are available exclusively here at unicornlovers.co!  They are made from full 34.22 ounce canvas, and have a double sided print with rounded toe construction.

                                These handmade premium shoes feature a lace-up closure for a snug fit, soft textile lining with lightweight construction for maximum comfort, high quality outsole for improved durability and traction. 


                                Custom Unicorn Shoes

                                  We wanted to design a unique and special shoe which was perfect for the true unicorn lover who deserves flair and comfort.  Our team of expert designers and artists carefully crafted this custom unicorn shoe design to offer you a product that is not available anywhere else on the planet!

                                  Any unicorn fan will do a double or triple take when they see you wearing these shoes.


                                  Unicorn Maple Shoes

                                    Made from 23.63 ounce canvas, these shoes feature a double sided unicorn and maple print and rounded toe construction.

                                    They come with a lace-up closure to ensure a snug and comfortable fit.  Thesoft textile lining with lightweight construction offers maximum comfort, while the high quality outsole ensures best traction and exceptional durability.

                                    Unicorn Stuff - Jewellery and Accessories

                                    Unicorn Cosmetics Bag

                                      Every princess needs a cosmetics bag and what better theme to choose than magical unicorns!  So gather up all your sparkly unicorn dust makeup now and store them in this adorable cosmetics bag.


                                      Unicorn Charm Bracelet

                                        Are you searching for something colorful to wear around your wrist? This is one of our bestselling unicorn charm bracelets. Make this magical addition to your unicorn collection today!


                                        Sparkling Unicorn Pendant Necklace

                                          An elegant crystal unicorn necklace adorned with studded crystals makes this necklace ideally suited for any occasion. Its shine and vibrancy makes it an awesome unicorn gift for friends or family.


                                          Rose Gold Unicorn Necklace

                                            This elegant crystal unicorn necklace is rose gold plated and adorned with colorful crystals. 


                                            Unicorn Stuff - Fun & Games

                                            Unicorn Slow Rising Squishy

                                              Our slow rising unicorn squishy is without doubt the cutest (and best) way to relieve stress.  It's soft, smooth, comfortable and relaxing to touch.

                                              Squeeze it tight to release some stress and watch as it magically rises back to the original form.  It takes about 12 seconds to fully return to shape.

                                              This is a perfect Christmas gift for friends, family or loved ones and maybe even for yourself lol. It's suitable for children aged 6 years and older.



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